Justice of Peace Website

Justice of Peace Website
The complex business rules were being managed on 2 separate static websites and client wanted a one dynamic solution for managing those complex business rules and websites. A scope was defined and the Predictive Waterfall approach was chosen, however, the continuously changing scope made it a big challenge for our team to adopt the requirements.
The flexibility of the system was increased just after a few change requests and as we came across that the client wanted to add more functionality within the system. The system was designed and developed in such a way that implementing new business rules or overriding the existing rules couldn’t be more easier than before. We had to put some extra efforts for going beyond the defined boundaries of development however due to our strong values and policy at Stemdot we let our client not stuck within the scope and implemented the requirements driven from client’s need, wants and desires. The biggest success was to adopt changing requirements within the predictive approach.
A single dynamic web app platform with eCommerce functionality for JPs and couples was launched successfully. Jps got a dynamic panel to manage their credentials and data and couples are able to contact Jps as well as purchase the available products online on a website.
WordPress, PHP, My-SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax