E-commerce: Way to go for the future!

With commercial spaces shrinking and commercial real-estate becoming prohibitively expensive, companies all over the globe have realized that they need to rethink their business models. And that’s when they realized that using the internet for expanding their business is the cheapest possible option without burning much cash. With low maintenance charges incurred in maintaining a portal, it is the most cost-effective way to reach out to customers in different geographies and retain brand loyalty amongst customers through swift compliant redressal.

Brand building

With our suite of ecommerce solutions in Connecticut, you can not only ramp up your operations within a short span of time but also acquire a foot –print in far-flung places. The journey from a local brand into an international brand becomes faster and you can avail our expertise in the following directions.

  • Payment gateway solutions
  • Shopping cart customization
  • Mobile Commerce

Stemdot payment gateway solutions can be customized for both desktop and mobile devices coupled with in-app advertising to induce impulse marketing. Shopping cart solutions that we provide in Connecticut offer merchants a good platform to sell their goods and receive payments online without get into hassles like paying for rent, electricity and salaries. Easily customizable, shopping carts can also take care of those merchants who charge different prices for different products or variable bliss through the use of digital invoices, sent to the customers.

As part of our website design services in CT (Connecticut), we also offer ecommerce solution for smart-phones so that users can make purchases right from the mobile screen. More than desktops, it is the smartphone whose growth will become manifold in the times to come. So configuring mobile sites with payment gateway solutions that can accept payments from all service providers like Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, American express. Even mobile payment solutions are being configured to include payment gateway solutions helping users to make impulse purchases on the go and have them home delivered o their home or office.

Once you log on to an e-commerce website, you will be bombarded by banner ads and you can search goods by price, functionality, size and gender. All types of household, personal care, health care and sexual wellness products are regularly sold here and now even electronic retailers have set up dedicated portals and call centres in order to sell and support the devices they store. No longer are they dependent on stockist on distributors to sell their products. Regular shopping carnivals are held on these portals to retain customer base and clear unsold inventory through deep discounts.