Booking Portal

Booking Portal

Leverage our expertise to develop database driven booking engines

Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to meet their business objectives by adopting a holistic approach towards marketing effectiveness. There is an urgent need for existing players in the industry to modify their business models in order to survive in the marketplace. It is at this stage that we step in to help our clients adopt an integrated approach to market their products and services. With the advent of the internet more and more consumers are relying on the internet for making value based judgements about products and services.

Outsmart…Outhink Competition

Our internet marketing expertise will help you gain visibility in the online space and outsmart competitors when it comes to lead generation. With our expertise, your site can gain high ranks for the keywords that are typed in search engines for your services. You can respond to queries faster and even get queries from overseas patients.

So strong is the algorithm that we develop for your booking portal that your peers in the industry will actively seek out your application in the cloud and you can gain significant revenues by offering your booking and reservation engine as part of SaaS bouquet (Software as a Service) and add a new revenue stream to your existing portfolio of products. Such competencies will prove very useful in the Connecticut market where demand for such pay-per-use services is high and is escalating with each passing day.

Work seamlessly without glitches

By embedding a strong booking engine in your website, you can ensure that your employees have pride in the system and can concentrate on business development and customer relationship management rather than focusing on technical issues. You will also save on license fees which otherwise you would have to pay for gaining access to GDS systems and other such databases that help not just in airline but railway, bus, hotel bookings as well.

As a vendor of contract IT services, we look forward to creating an enduring relationship with your brand and help it to get the desired visibility in the minds of your target audience. Our suite of mobile and web application development services coupled with web designing services are geared to take your business to the next level of growth. Our innovative solutions are designed to help our clients capture both mind-share and market-share in today’s ever changing business environment