PHP/MySQL: Using Open Source Technologies to Full Effect

At STEMDOT Connecticut, we advocate the use of Zend Community edition framework in order to deliver an enhanced Application Performance. To deliver a seamless user experience at peak loads, organizations often take the costly route of deploying more hardware. However, with the PHP/MySQL technologies by their side users can leverage multiple technologies to improving application response times and minimizing resource utilization.

Resolve Problems Quickly

PHP/MySQL technologies reduce root cause analysis time by recording the live application execution when a problem occurs. Code Tracing, a powerful feature of PHP/MySQL technologies eliminates the need to reproduce problems that occur in a development environment. Issues like the state of the production database or server load, are now transparent for analysis.

PHP/MySQL technologies enable you to deploy your PHP applications (even at remote locations) with confidence as Zend Server’s unattended installer facilitates fast and trouble-free deployments.

Use PHP/MySQL technologies to enhance Staff Productivity

Installing, configuring, tracking and testing dozens of PHP libraries and drivers is a very time-consuming exercise for developers, testers and administrators. The rapid updates and code changes that characterize today’s fast-paced Web applications highlight the necessity of maintaining a reliable PHP runtime environment and ensuring application security at all times.

To overcome these challenges we recommend Zend Server, a complete, pre-integrated and tested solution that takes away all the hassles of maintaining your PHP infrastructure. Zend Server’s native installer (RPM/DEB and MSI) includes a certified PHP distribution, Zend Framework, out-of-the-box connectivity to all common databases, Java connectivity, a scalable and PHP-integrated download server, Apache Webserver, and MySQL database.

Diagnose Problems Before-Hand

PHP/MySQL technologies enables users to take a proactive approach when it comes to ensuring the best user experience by monitoring PHP application execution and alerting them about any impending problems like:-

  • Slow Application response times
  • Inaccessibility of the application
  • Failure to execute specific user requests

PHP/MySQL technologies help in:

  • Full page caching: A URL-based HTML output cache that does not require any application changes
  • Data caching: A set of functions that allow developers to cache data items or output
  • Code Acceleration: PHP byte code caching enhances performance with no application changes

Using PHP/MySQL technologies with Zend Cluster Manager

With PHP/MySQL technologies Cluster Manager, managing large-scale PHP deployments is easy as IT managers can easily monitor multiple PHP/MySQL technologies instances to ensure high availability and scalability of PHP applications. The advantage with the PHP/MySQL technologies Cluster manager is that it supports applications running on your premises as well as in the cloud thereby giving customers a dual benefit.