Angular JS

Angular JS web application development framework

Angular JS is by far the most potent tool web content creators and business owners have at their disposal to consolidate their online presence and rank their websites high in search engine result pages. Quite often business owners outsource Angular JS framework management to specialized vendors like STEMDOT Connecticut who can offer training, round the clock support and customization for critical online marketing campaigns.

These high velocity online marketing campaigns can deliver their full impact if the framework they have at their disposal can be used to create websites, micro blogs, portals, forums, images and other social networking platforms that help users to network and share on a constant basis. In today’s forever tweeting universe, this kind of web application framework is important for business owners who want to keep their nose to the ground and have a feel of the audience behaviour with regard to the products being released in the electronic media. Based on the feedback received, content can be immediately tweaked through a fast, scalable framework.

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What’s great about the latest versions of Angular JS is that they can ping all major search engines whenever new content gets uploaded on the framework making high rankings a norm for media owners patronizing this platform. With Angular JS by their side, web developers can create search-engine friendly websites with custom-add on functionalities in much less time than any other tool at hand. The speed at which users can develop, upload and host fresh content in terms of text, images and videos will amaze any customer and they will invest in the maintenance and upgradation of Angular JS framework in future.

The media industry specifically thrives on updated content disseminated through the web and it is important that those using this framework find it robust, user-friendly and light-weight so that it consumes less of system resources, memory and can offer insights into the performance of the content that is being uploaded. All news based organizations reporting on politics, films, sports need a Framework where in they can update content by the minute.

Search engines offer high ranking to media properties where in the content is updated every hour as compared to those that take longer to update on handheld devices. These devices give users a wider canvas to paint their pictures on and increased the number of touch-points that they could advertise on and even charge higher fees without any incremental increase in costs.