Windows 8

An insight into Windows 8 Solutions from Stemdot

We at STEMDOT Connecticut firmly believe that training is essential for the successful transition and adoption of Windows 8 throughout the enterprise. Our professionals provide comprehensive training to your employees with regard to the usage of Windows 8. Training ensures that not only do the employees learn how to operate the software package smoothly they also learn to handle minor technical problems themselves.

Windows 8 provides for unlimited scaling up potential and there is no restriction on the number of connected users or the amount of bandwidth streamed. Windows 8 automatically detect the speed of your internet connection and serve up videos at the appropriate bit rate to end users. Network efficiency is also maintained if you choose to deploy Windows as only the bits that are viewed by the users are transferred to the client over the network. Another speciality that Windows 8 offers is that it provides users with an environment to run interactive media applications. It also provides audio and video streaming capabilities. If you want on-demand streaming functionalities then Windows 8 will be the best option for your enterprise.

More useful features of Windows

Windows is a useful tool for the development of rich internet applications that involve the use of text, audio and streaming video. Another advantage of Windows 8 is that it provides the functionality to connect to various external services like Web services, and Asp.NET application servers. With this functionality a Windows based application can take advantage of features such as database connectivity, E-mail etc. Webmasters who choose to deploy Windows 8 can get up to date reports about the content usage patterns of their target audience.

Web applications built with Windows 8 are embedded with secure payment gateways that have enabled corporations to reduce their transaction costs leading to lower prices for customers. It is a mutually beneficial situation for both as companies as well as consumers experience savings in terms of time and money. Web applications have helped companies to streamline their internal processes like attendance control systems, employee rosters, payrolls, office procedure manuals can all be maintained online.

Vendor management becomes a breeze and instant one touch connectivity to the Windows Store helps users stay in sync with the latest applications being launched on a daily basis. A list of trending free and paid applications can be seen easily and users can install applications through high speed internet. For some applications upgrading to windows 8.1 is required which can also be done by following the instructions given.