Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and Restaurants

The food and beverage industry is growing all over the world at an exponential rate owing to the higher disposable incomes of the middle classes across the globe. Liberalization, privatization and globalization have unleashed forces that cannot be reversed and brought about a redistribution of wealth that have never been seen before. The industry is already the largest employer of manpower all across the globe in conjunction with the tourism industry and attracts young talent in all geographies quite easily.

Changing face of the hotel business

Till about two decades back, success in the hotel and restaurant business meant having more manpower at your disposal to serve the guests. And the room to employee ratio was usually kept at 1:1. But with the advent of internet and automated kiosks which made self-check-in, check-out, Wi-Fi, credit card terminals and advanced point of sale terminals that made reconciliation of accounts faster and easier, things began to change. No longer was the need to employ high manpower and Hotel ERP systems became in high demand by hotel chains seeking to lower operational costs permanently.

Hotel and restaurant companies that avail our technological and marketing expertise coupled with web development services in CT (Connecticut) quite often desire HR, payroll, audit and attendance recording systems in addition to the legacy systems already being deployed. Our expertise in delivering the right kind of systems, applications and processes that can streamline operations as well as garner high visibility on search engines have made us the first choice of hospitality businesses in Connecticut.

Best-in-class reservation systems

Reservation systems are the backbone of any hotel or restaurant business and our proven expertise in building best-of-breed reservation systems and training the workforce would prove to be quite handy. By leveraging our training and development expertise, you can significantly achieve a faster turnaround time when it comes to your employees adapting to new technology and that too at lower costs.

Night audits of front office, expense analysis, planning, forecasting, reporting, food and beverage control, zero-based budgeting and similar such processes can be handled exceptionally well by the IT solutions that we build from ground –up. And these systems are such that they can be scaled up as the volume of your business grows and your business begins to expand in a chain.

So, if you are looking for the perfect advice while scaling up your hotel business, then its time you get into a conversation with our executives who will offer sound advice on how to go about doing so in a planned manner.