IPhone Application Development

IPhone Application Development

iPhone is the next big thing in the technology and handheld devices segment and has fawned an entire ecosystem of technology product suppliers, application developers and OEM suppliers who have together created history by captivating public imagination by giving them highly desirable and enjoyable products at an aspirational price point making it a win-win situation for everyone. With web-enabled iphone devices proliferating the market space like anything, it is quite obvious that the shift from traditional to digital is now complete and digital is not just a fad or flavor of the season anymore. It is the systematic use of computer technology in order to spread awareness about a product or service and address users across the globe with a click of a button.

Bottoms-up instead of top-down

The world has changed in the past two decades and marketing being no exception. Gone are the days of the industrial revolution where fossil fuels were used to manufacture products and then the marketing strategy was decided after the product came out from the shop-floor. If the response of the market was good, it would be produced in more quantities or else it would be shelved but with increasing competition and the entry of smaller players in the market, risk-taking was increasingly getting costly.

Instead of a top-down approach to delivery of products and services, a bottoms-up approach was considered more sensible. Even decision-making now took more inputs from the front-line sales staff rather than relying on databases, market reports and gut feel. Only those products were manufactured and only those kinds of services were released in the markets which were desired by customers in their interactions with the front-line sales staff. Nimble-footed start-ups leveraged this approach to full effect and created local markets for themselves thereby grabbing market share from established players and thus were born iPhones that gave big companies the edge.

Competitive landscape changed…

Big players realized this changing nature of the market and deployed these strategies on a global scale by thinking globally and acting locally. They made up losses in one market by super-profits in another markets. Thereafter the mantra of core competence took over in the 90’s and transnational companies exited those markets where they were not amongst the top three in terms of market-share. This left a large room for smaller players and with globalization kicking in and internet giving it free fuel; it was easy for smaller companies to look outside their territories to bolster growth. And that’s where the expertise of companies like STEMDOT Connecticut comes in handy that can develop outstanding solutions in the field of iphone application development space.