Drupal CMS

What you should know!

Being located in Connecticut has helped STEMDOT to deliver world class PHP Solutions to its clients spread across Retail, Telecom and Travel domains. Drupal products have already been used to develop and run thousands of PHP business-critical applications worldwide. Clients who choose to partner with us for Drupal PHP solutions have the assurance of reliability and dependability that STEMDOT is known for. STEMDOT Connecticut has utilized Drupal products to deliver high-quality code faster thereby ensuring high performance and reliability in mission-critical applications. As a matter of fact, Drupal products increase the maturity of the PHP Application lifecycle leading to better operational efficiencies.

Lightweight CMS For fast paced updation

In today’s fast paced business environment, maintaining reliable and secure runtime environments is a challenge for organizations as frequent code changes and updates have become the norm. In such a scenario tracking, installing, configuring and testing dozens of PHP libraries and drivers is one of the most paramount challenges being faced by web administrators.

Drupal includes an up-to-date, tested and supported PHP stack that ensures high reliability, enhanced security and a consistent environment for testing and development. It is the ideal platform for business-critical PHP applications that run on common operating systems like Linux, Windows and require a high level of performance, reliability and security.

Advanced functionalities

Drupal offers advanced application monitoring and diagnostic functionalities that help in early-detection of problems and undertake a quick root cause analysis.

  • Deployment of Drupal results in acceleration of the development process and low resource utilization.
  • Web administrators who face the challenge of maintaining reliable and secure PHP runtime environments have found a perfect solution to their problems in the Drupal wherein they receive round-the-clock technical support, online software updates, hot fixes and security patches offering users with the most up-to-date version of PHP at all times.
  • Drupal takes the risk out of your application deployment process by ensuring that each and every team member uses the same highly reliable runtime environment at each stage of the application lifecycle.
  • Migration of your PHP application to a remote location becomes a breeze with the Drupal as it offers functionalities that offer fast and quick migrations and on-site deployments. Being pen source it helps small businesses immensely as they can have the same publishing power as big organizations with proprietary technology and has helped to a large degree to ensure a level playing field in the technology arena.