Zend Framework

Leverage the power of Zend Framework to grow your business

STEMDOT has access to extensive training materials, case studies, technical resources. No wonder it is the first choice of customers seeking reliable open source solutions. STEMDOT applies its in-depth knowledge of Zend PHP framework for web application development and other complex business applications to maximize business success by offering the best ROI on your current IT spends. With a Zend unlimited subscription you can obtain the following benefits for your development processes.

Use the most reliable, secure and scalable PHP Application Stack for all applications.
Retain control of your software budget with a fixed price subscription
Scale up PHP applications running on–premise or in the cloud without purchasing additional licenses
Initiate new projects quickly without bothering about additional software licenses.

Utilizing the MVC Architecture for best results

Standardize your development environment by enabling all developers to use Zend Studio and Zend Server
It retains the simplified spirit of PHP programming and in turn reduces training costs.
Zend framework supports all up-to-date technologies like PHP 5 and higher versions for web application development, along with many modern databases MySQL, SQL server, Oracle, PostgreSQL
The Zend Framework also consumes APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr, as well as API providers and cataloguers like StrikeIron and Programmable Web.
Stemdot applies its in-depth knowledge of Zend PHP framework for web application development and other complex business applications in shorter-turnaround times and at lower costs.
Latest features

With passage of time, the Zend Framework has incorporated many new features that are listed below:-

• AJAX Support through JSON
• Search, Syndication & Web Services
• High Quality Object oriented Php5 Class library
• Friendly and Simple Licensing

The Zend framework offers an advanced MVC (Model-View–Controller) architecture that can be used to establish a basic structure for Zend Framework Applications. Since most web application code falls under three main categories: presentation, business logic and data access, the Zend framework defines these boundaries quite well and is quite indispensable for keeping code organized when more than one developer is working on the same application. Moreover, the Zend framework’s license ensures that the source code developed in PHP is complaint and unimpeachable. The Zend framework has been thoroughly tested by STEMDOT Connecticut and is enterprise ready with stringent code coverage to ensure that all the code contributed remains stable for users to extend and maintain.