Social Sharing through Python technologies

There are lots of ways in which users interact with each other on a daily basis. Such is the addictive power of these social networking sites that most telecom networks now offer unlimited usage packs to help users stay connected at all times. It’s a win-win situation as most users need such a package and are willing to pay for it while telecom operators get a fixed revenue source that helps them to plan their roll-outs and investments in value added services effectively. The loss in voice based revenues is often compensated by increase in data revenue.

Creating Image sharing sites with Python

This is the next frontier for marketers to capture in order to make their mark in the minds of users. There are a lot of educated users on image sharing sites and most of them are young and eager to browse pictures of other people and the world around them. Sites like Flickr, Picasa, Pinterest, and Instagram are just what users want to share what they like with their peer group in terms of fashion trends, gadgets, electronics, and many such items like fashion accessories, garment accessories, telecom accessories and many such new items launched in the market that users want to share amongst friends. STEMDOT Connecticut will help you build such image sharing, social sharing, and video sharing sites through the use of Python Technologies.

Building Video sharing platforms through Python

This has been a traditional favorite and there a lot of users who are hooked on to video sharing sites after work and famous among these are YouTube, Videojug, and These websites send recommendations to users about the latest videos uploaded so that users do not miss out on all the action taking place on these websites. Lot of users upload videos with still images in videoclips with captions as they do not have access to hardware required to make a video.

Developing Music Sharing platforms with Python

This is on the wane now ever since facebook has gained momentum but still relevant amongst a wide cross-section of users that are fond of listening to all types of music. Brands often share their ad-jingles on these sites and usually one finds high net worth individuals on these sites who have expensive iPods, music systems with them and have a strong liking for movies, theater and are self-confessed sybarites who have a natural affinity for all things luxury. This is the kind of audience to be with and have a connect with, that can pay dividends for a brand in the long run.