iPad Application Development

iPad Application Development

If you are a business owner or a brand custodian, then you need to ensure that the reputation of your brand is zealously guarded and it remains intact even in periods of slow growth. Before hand held devices like iPads came into the picture, it was television and web that became the two most important tools in a marketer arsenal in order to capture mind-share and market-share. Television advertising was costly and the web was cheap. But companies like STEMDOT Connecticut have changed the marketing landscape forever by developing iPad applications that can be accessed and downloaded anytime giving users access to a company’s products and stay connected with the brand.

How the techno-marketing landscape changed?

Even cheaper were the PPC campaigns being run by search engines that small and medium businesses used to advertise their services. Earlier search engines were thought of something that would turn away traffic from a company’s website to another company’s portal but that thinking changed as search engines began to drive-in traffic rather than drive-out traffic as was misconstrued earlier in the early part of the 90’s decade.

This change in thinking brought about innovative advertising tools like cartoons, videos, animation using flash to capture the attention of customers. Thirty second animated videos or two-minute videos that connected with advertisers surfaced on the scene and soon everyone got the hang of it and the definition of marketing changed for all times to come. Online or mobile / handheld based advertising helps you to stay in control and within the defined boundaries of your advertising budget.

Why Choose STEMDOT for iPad Application Development

America has traditionally been the mecca of advertising and marketing owing to the ability of American citizens   to think out of the box. Moreover, it draws the best talent from all across the world to work and set up business on its soil.

  • iPad application development agencies in UK, Japan, and Berlin come close but nothing matches America’s advertising acumen owing to an education system that fosters creative thinking and out-of box–solutions for real life problems.
  • Americans lag behind in science and mathematics and its top notch universities are populated by Indian and Chinese students who go on to attain greater glory in technological innovations that become America’s property instead of the home country of the innovators.

Advertising is no exception and America uses technology, animation and the latest digital tools to full effect and other countries in the developing world end up copying American marketing and advertising practices in order to stay successful in their domestic markets.