Code Igniter

An insight into our Code Igniter based services

 At STEMDOT Connecticut, we believe that any kind of investment made in securing a company’s web infrastructure always pays hefty dividends in the long run and in the first phase of the ‘Security Audit’, a black-box test is conducted wherein our consultants function as ‘potential attackers’ and look for vulnerabilities in the PHP application.

A detailed report of the vulnerabilities observed is presented to the users and in the second phase a security audit is done based on the fault classification defined by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) that checks for login takeovers, denial of service attacks, SQL Injections and similar such parameters defined by OWASP.

At the conclusion of the second phase of audit, users get an extensive report that offers a roadmap which they can use to secure their application against the threats identified. Listed below are a set of standard benchmarks used by Stemdot to evaluate each application or code base while using Code Igniter technologies.

We even help with Application Migration

By leveraging STEMDOT’s expertise in Application migration, businesses can mitigate the risks and costs associated with any application migration. Migrating an application from PHP 4 to PHP 5 has certain inherent benefits as PHP 5 offers enhanced features that will extend your application’s capability, streamline development, and improve user experience. Some of the benefits of migrating an application from PHP 4 to PHP 5 are enlisted below:

  • Enhanced Performance

Making your application PHP 5 complaint will definitely double or at times treble your application efficiency.

  • Simplified Application Maintenance

PHP 5 and its supporting features allow users to simplify web application maintenance by making it easier to apply software architecture allowing you to read and write higher quality code.

  • Web 2.o integration capabilities

PHP 5 allows applications to interoperate, share data, integrate, and combine into ‘mash-ups’ to provide users with a richer experience. Besides this, PHP also allows users to take advantage of the latest integration options.

Trust the experts in PHP to help with your transition

At STEMDOT, we understand that application migration can be a cumbersome process, given the time and costs involved. Our team of PHP experts analyzes an application for incompatibilities and in certain cases migrates an entire application together to help users make a smooth transition to PHP 5.

With our expertise, you can plan and implement a smooth transition to PHP 5   at the lowest cost. Our application migration services have been geared to help customers remain focused on their core business rather than worrying about application migration issues.