Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Race to the top with our innovative designs!

Correct! That is exactly what will happen when you leverage the skill–sets of our professionals to develop outstanding designs that can leave an indelible impact and create the ‘WOW’ factor in the minds of readers who access your website. Building the right buzz around the company’s products and services that can create the desired demand pull to generate sales inquiries is what our designers aim for. They have a sound understanding of the web medium and can build robust, functional websites with the right technology be it Html, Flash, Java, PHP or.NET. Html websites that we build are often built in conjunction with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so as to create the right look and feel for the website as plain HTML does not offer an appealing interface which CSS does.

Custom Web Design services that we offer in CT (Connecticut) take care of these practical problems as HTML offers a basic structure with text, images and links. Using CSS innovatively helps create portals that can be navigated easily by users with shorter loops to the landing page so that they can fetch the required information easily and respond to the Call-To-Action instantly. Our professionals have the depth of knowledge, reasoning and comprehension ability with regard to understanding user behaviour and can build customized web sites that not only look good but fetch the right results as well.

Ensuring security for customized websites

This is one aspect which our team takes very seriously as we try to build fool-proof shopping carts using open source or proprietary technology as desired by the customer. We use a secure socket layer and a 128-bit encryption to ensure that the credit card information provided by the customer is encrypted when it is transmitted across to the bank server for authentication and no one can decipher that information easily.

The shopping carts we build are so secure that customers can even store their credit card number and retrieve it through a secure login and password without going through the hassle of re-entering all the information again. Customized shopping carts that we build offer enough controls to the user to add/modify items, change themes, generate special offers , birthday greetings, take care of sales returns, issue prompt same day refunds and track the delivery status of each order.

If you have a specific business requirement in mind for your Connecticut based business that requires a custom-built solution, talk to us today!