ERP Development

Automating the transactions of the entire enterprise (ERP Development)

Yes, that’s what ERP does and is undoubtedly the technology number one as any industry expert familiar with the working of the industry will tell you that the flurry of activity in the ERP space outpaces the action in all other segments of the industry. Most companies adopt a phased approach to ERP Development and implementation as ERP entails handing over the crucial data of the enterprise which requires enormous trust and belief in the capability, expertise and integrity of the vendor offering ERP services. Our experience has shown that both public and private sector undertakings have embraced ERP whole-heartedly and have obtained massive benefits by leveraging the power of this technology that has transformed the commercial landscape of the whole planet and especially Connecticut.

A brief overview of what you can expect in an ERP development package is as follows.

  • HR and Payroll: Often the first module to be adapted by companies across the globe, this module gives a bird’s eye view of the data thrown up by attendance recording systems, leave sanctioning, approval, decline and calculation. Salary calculation, idle time wages, integration with Google calendar, recording of training schedules, training expenditure and generation of all kinds of reports under legacy management information systems existing within the enterprise.
  • Finance: A crucial module that helps in regulatory, reporting and profitability analysis, the investments made in this module offer exponential returns.
  • Marketing: This module helps in generation of daily sales reports, daily sales related expenditure, sales returns, spilt orders, refund processing, recording of new customer information, development and adherence to marketing budgets and analysis of ROI obtained on marketing spends.
  • Logistics: Tracking of vehicular movement through heat maps generated by advanced technology and optimization of routes, manpower across the supply chain coupled with inventory tracking on first-in first out basis is what this module helps in.
  • Procurement/Vendor/Supplier Management: Post recession procurement and vendor management has taken centre-stage and more control have been exercised by CXO’s in this function.

It is the sum total of all benefits that accrue from incremental improvements in each process is what our ERP    development module aims at and it will help in sustained growth of the enterprise in the long run. Profitability improves as return on expenditure improves and our expertise in developing the best ERP software using the best technologies will help in big gains over the medium to long term.