Core PHP

Core PHP: Simplifying PHP for businesses!

With new versions of PHP coming up, it is important for our customers to know the functionalities offered by Zend Server Cluster Manager that supports core PHP. Developing reliable, business-critical web applications is vital for the success for enterprises in Connecticut. Here is how it works!

With the Zend Server Cluster Manager users can detect, isolate PHP issues and configuration mismatches through cluster-wide application monitoring. The Zend Server Cluster Manager helps users to centrally manage a cluster of PHP servers and scale up or scale down your application depending upon the business requirements.

The Session Clustering facility offered by Zend Server Cluster Manager provides a fast, scalable, integrated failover solution for your Core PHP applications. Through this unique functionality, user sessions are always maintained on multiple servers. Even if a server becomes unavailable, the session data is automatically retrieved from a different server within the cluster. This helps in offering users a seamless browsing experience even when the server is down due to some technical issues or due to scheduled maintenance.

With PHP Configuration management and a scalable clustering architecture, users have the application infrastructure at their disposal which will help them to scale up or down depending upon the volume of business. The Zend Server Cluster Manager enables users to manage multiple Zend Server instances from a centralized web based console and ensures consistent PHP and Zend Server configuration across the cluster.


The Zend Production Solution allows you to meet the challenges of growth by providing a complete, enterprise-grade PHP application stack and management solution for PHP applications that run on premise or in the cloud.

  •  Availability: An up-to-date, fully tested and supported PHP stack with failover support, ensures highly application availability with minimal risk.
  • Performance and scalability: Users can easily scale applications to cater to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace and ensure optimal application performance through multiple built-in optimization and acceleration technologies.
  • Higher Staff productivity: Quickly detect and isolate application problems and cut the time spent on maintaining and updating the PHP stack.

Round the Clock Availability for Your PHP Application

The Zend Production Solution enables users to create robust and highly available applications in PHP. Centralized cluster management helps eliminate potential problems stemming from server mis-configuration. Session clustering facility of the Zend Server Cluster Manager provides session redundancy and failover. Furthermore, as a Zend Production Solution customer, you will have access to Zend’s technical support so that you run the most reliable, secure, and latest version of PHP.