Business Analysis Simplified

Business Analysis Simplified

With the proliferation of all kinds of digital devices in the market, it has become very important for website designers to think like users. The primary aim of any website is to deliver information to users in a way that they can find it easily. This is the essence of intuitive web design and a lot of websites strive daily to achieve that balance between delivering exhaustive information to users and that too in a way so that they can find what is relevant to them easily. If this pre-condition is not fulfilled, then users may leave the web site, never to come back again. And you don’t want that to happen to your website do you?

Convenience = More users

It’s a simple equation, the easier your website is to navigate; the more number of people are going to use it. Have a look at some of the most popular websites in the world like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and you will know that their popularity is mainly because they are so easy to use and convenient for even a lay user. We at Stemdot Connecticut understand these facts and include them as part of our business analysis portfolio.

It’s all about experience!

If you can give a smooth navigation experience to users without them struggling to find information like needles in a haystack, then you have hit the bull’s eye. Ask any website owner and he will tell you that he wants customers on his website and not just visitors. Traffic, high search rankings are all ancillary parameters for the success of a website. What matters in the end is that users transact on the website in the form of responding to a call to action. This can either be in the form of dialing a toll free number or filling up a customer information form for home delivery of products requested by the customer.

Be ready for more devices

Desktop, laptop, tablets, smart phones, the list is increasing and webmasters need to be ready for more number of devices that are coming their way. Every six months a new version of a device is launched that promises a better operating system, better browser, better navigation and better value for money. Now as a webmaster what do you do?

Your website needs to be ready for ‘on-the-go’, ‘on-demand’ generation that wants information delivered at the click of a button and hates the world wide wait factor that crippled websites, many years ago. Users want to open the websites in a moving train, moving airplane, in a tunnel and still want the same navigation experience. No wonder usability is the next big challenge for webmasters looking to give a delightful experience to users.