Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Early movers in the internet era realized that human beings all over the world worry most about jobs, marriage, education, travel and their bank account. By starting on shoe strings budget and taking servers on rent in America where bandwidth is cheapest owing to the highest number of users, these companies built robust business models and in whichever country that you go today, you will find the most cash-generating portals belonging to these categories. No wonder large media companies have made massive acquisitions to aggregate the largest amount of traffic and henceforth corner the largest chunk of the advertising pie being expanded on a daily basis by FMCG, Real Estate, education and E-commerce players.

How STEMDOT Connecticut expertise helps

In order to get the hybrid mobile app development in Connecticut, you need to pick the right technology to build your website that can provide the right kind of support to your website so that it can serve the community of users visiting your website really well without going down under severe traffic loads and can fetch the right information at the right time to users visiting the website. Whether you want to use, Android, Windows, Java or any other kind of technology, it would be best if you can consult the right people before taking any such step.

Mobile apps transforming mobile advertising

Television and web became the two most important tools in a marketer arsenal in order to capture mind-share and market-share. Television advertising was costly and the web was cheap. With tools like PPC, wherein the advertising budget is defined in advance, there are less chances of over spending and one has a clear idea of how each dollar is getting spent. Even cheaper were the PPC campaigns being run by search engines that small and medium businesses used to advertise their services.

Earlier search engines were thought of something that would turn away traffic from a company’s website to another company’s portal but that thinking changed as search engines began to drive-in traffic rather than drive –out traffic as was misconstrued earlier in the early part of the 90’s decade. This change in thinking brought about innovative advertising tools like cartoons, videos, animation using flash to capture the attention of customers. Thirty second animated videos or two-minute videos that connected with advertisers surfaced on the scene and soon everyone got the hang of it and the definition of marketing changed for all times to come.