CRM Development Services

CRM Development Services

With the rise of business processes outsourcing companies across the globe, there is a surge in the demand in Connecticut for customer relationship development software that can help in recording sales, sync with diallers, deliver a daily sales report or in some cases even an hourly report in case managers want to see how many agents are on “not ready” state owing to technological issues or server issues that might result in call drops or call failures. Good CRM software helps in logging complaints, recording updates from customers, better responses, and accurate data.

Using both open source and proprietary software

Our team of professionals have experience in developing CRM applications on both open source and closed platforms. They first try to understand the business and the competitive environment and the budget offered by the client. They then work backwards in order to develop a roadmap and business logic that will form the core of the CRM application and by adept use of structured query languages, relational database management software’s and front end languages like visual basic, the best CRM applications are delivered to customers.

Business Analysts and testing functions

STEMDOT have a dedicated team of business analysts that serve as a cross between development and marketing teams. They help in fine tuning the product according to the dynamic requirements of the business. With such an agile workforce, we deliver the best CRM Software that undergoes manual, automated and black box testing by our team of certified testing professionals who have proved their mettle by delivering flawless products in the past.

By leveraging our horizontal expertise in open source technologies, STEMDOT has developed strong vertical expertise by developing CRM applications for industries as diverse as financial services, real estate, healthcare, telecom, insurance and similar such industries.

High demand for CRM applications can be judged by the number of queries that are being made in search engines in North America for CRM development software in Connecticut. The blend of economy and convenience that our CRM products will give you cannot be matched by anyone else.

We can also develop CRM applications using C# in conjunction with .NET platform that supports 44+ technologies and is patronized by companies at the high end of the market. Some large companies do have a stated preference for applications built on the .NET platform and as vendors and respect the needs of the market.