Social Networking

Laying the architecture of Social Networking platforms

Online Social Networks have become a rage amongst the youth today as they provide an easy platform for peer-to-peer connectivity. So high is the popularity of these social networks that some social scientists have published doctoral thesis on the popularity of emerging social networks.

The primary reason why social networks have acquired unprecedented word of mouth popularity is because they provide a hassle free mechanism for posting , messages, uploading photographs, videos on to the web so that fellow users can get a glimpse into the other person’s activities.

These social networks have been found to be quite addictive and users tend to visit these portals quite religiously. Finding new friends also becomes easy as you can gain significant amount of information about a stranger through these networks. Users can play games, quizzes, upload photos, create slideshows, share videos and express their commitment to a cause. These social networks offer insights into daily happenings in the industry coupled with analysis from industry experts and comments from fellow users who are impacted by the changing trends in the industry. Great for professional networking, social networks have become a parallel hiring source as recruiters get a 360 degree view of the person’s personality.

How brands gain from social networking portals

So high is the addiction with these social networks that users have been found to spend many hours each week just surfing these networks. Curiosity about what is happening is other people’s lives also has fuelled the exponential growth of these social networks. Earlier people used to keep in touch with their peers with emails or telephone calls, which were time consuming. Now all you need to get a glimpse into anyone’s life is to visit his profile on any social network. Users find this a convenient way to keep in touch and it also fulfills their latent desire for anonymous surfing.

Retain a strong customer base

By anonymously observing the personal and professional life of their friends, neighbors, family members, and relatives on regular basis users satisfy their craving for happenings other people’s lives and this affects their spending patterns in terms of food, holidays, apparel, accessories, gadgets which brands can leverage to full effect. We can create outstanding social networking portals based on open source dolphin technologies and similar such technologies that have surfaced in the open source arena in order to help users of similar mindsets come together and share thoughts to take their industry forward. Companies can get their own open source social networking portals in order to create a loyal base of users that can offer consistent feedback throughout the life-cycle of the brand.