MS Office

Use MS Office 365 for greater success

MS Office 365 or Software as a service is a relatively new entrant in the computing landscape but one that has really taken the market by storm; given the cost advantages it offers to small, medium businesses across the globe. By leveraging the power of MS OFFICE 365, small and medium businesses can now avail the benefit of expensive software’s which they would not have done previously given the prohibitive costs involved.

An example would illustrate this better: suppose a company wants to streamline its HR operations by availing a superior SQL SERVER package but the costs involved in availing the package are too high, then with the help of MS OFFICE 365 it can obtain access to the HR module. A vendor like STEMDOT Connecticut can host the application in the cloud and offer restricted access to authorized users and can make money by offering parts of the application to several users. This creates a win-win situation for both the vendor and the customer as the both gain from such an arrangement.

MS OFFICE 365 has grown with the growth of the internet and in the earlier versions of the web, when applications could not be hosted in the cloud, this was not possible but with the growth of web-based technologies, MS OFFICE 365 has grown exponentially and so has the demand for professionals who can leverage the power of MS OFFICE 365 to deliver value to customers.

CXOs now view MS Office 365 as a cost cutting tool and a very important element in revenue generation. Earlier the license cost was high but with Microsoft lowering the fees and hosting applications in the cloud, it has become imperative to use products like MS Office 365 that can offer great degree of flexibility, control over the development process.

Training costs are low and users can adapt to this package with minimum computer literacy. Ideal for schools, universities and similar such organizations, such packages are also offered by open source vendors but they are prone to crashing, have bugs and cannot be rectified through emails support.

he experience of working with proprietary software is far better than working with open source software and many companies have chosen not to adopt open source software as support is unavailable or is very expensive. You too would benefit immensely from the power of this technology.