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Web design really took in the mid -1990’s when the internet was opened to general public but that does not mean that website’s didn’t exist. Technology driven companies, universities, defense research and military establishments always had one but the emphasis was on text heavy websites that could disseminate information faster and that critical data could be saved from any kind of nefarious attack that was the norm in the Cold war era. Given the fact that satellites were being destroyed in outer space by rival nation states, the web was a medium to secure public data in case the telecom infrastructure came under attack.

So the emphasis was never on making designs until the web was released for commercial use by the American Government. Once the web unfolded its commercial potential, content became the king and design the queen. Some businesses adopted a purely design led approach to building their websites and had really minimal content and the entire space in the website is consumed for showcasing the product range according to price, type, color, size and brands.

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On the other hand industries such as travel, healthcare, education, technology keep a balance of content and design in their website for maximum and optimum use of space. With customer expectations changing and customers becoming more demanding as the web became a business expansion and cost reduction tool, there was pressure on technology companies to design new languages.

In theory books of web design and application development, you will see many references to the fact that all website and application owners desire a strong return on investment from their website. The reality is a bit different. Some website owners want ROI directly and some desire it indirectly. Owners of web design firms will tell you that customers often give those briefs that they do not want any business from the site as they run a small tight ship and that they would not be able to handle any extra business that comes from the website. For them, their website is a reflection of their personality and that it is more of a tool to showcase their product and service portfolio and the work that they have done in the past.

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