IOS Development

IOS Development

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Quite often organizations face scalability issues as their internal system are unable to cope up with the growing demand. At this stage of the growth process, organizations find that their developers spend most of their time in fixing bugs instead of spending resources in developing new functionalities in smartphone operating systems.

Sensing this latent need in the market for flawless smartphones with a world class operating system, Apple decided to venture in this space with iPhones that were designed to capture market share from Motorola who had gone ahead with its well-designed phones and the way they went forward is something that has made history.

If there is one thing that differentiates Android Vs iOS is high design that the Apple operating system scores over. It is so easy to use that it has been accused of making kids soft and less ingenuous in solving mechanical problems. But ease of use and operability is what makes iPhones command such a high price in the market. They are designed for those who are bothered by the fact as to what they are carrying and know the differences between what is value for money and what is a waste of time.

So, as a key enterprise decision-maker if you are planning to hire an iOS development vendor do so by weighing the merits and demerits of each operating system but we know that if price is your yardstick, Android vendors will win hands down while if design, form, functionality is the yardstick, iOS vendors will be the sure shot winner.

Why Stemdot Connecticut?

Another very significant reason why companies outsource to STEMDOT Connecticut is that Connecticut is located in the same time zone, which allows it respond much faster to the needs of the western customers. Vendors in Connecticut can respond faster if a user in the western world is facing problems with his application.

Development costs are low in Connecticut as compared to other developed markets and the quality of output delivered by Connecticut professionals is no way inferior to their counterparts in Europe. There are strong regulatory, environmental support systems offered by America which is why Connecticut professionals exhibit superior human capital as compared to professionals in other markets.

By leveraging the power of iOS framework, STEMDOT Connecticut helps businesses to identify barriers that inhibit the productivity of their mobile applications. Once the issues have been identified, a detailed roadmap is offered to users that will help them fix bugs and optimize the performance of their iOS applications.