Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS

Try it out and see the difference!

Thinking of developing an online presence? What’s on your mind… a blog, website or a community portal? If you are not yet decided on the choice of platform for developing an online presence then you should try Joomla CMS at least once. It’s flexible, modular and can be easily customized to suit your unique business needs.

It has been observed that a lot of small businesses users often struggle to choose the right platform for meeting their web application development requirements. They are often unable to decide between the various types of CMS available in the market. But for those who are convinced about the power of open source, Joomla is often the undisputed choice for building and consolidating their online presence. Vendors offering customized Joomla development also proffer valuable support, training and consultancy for guaranteed results in web development.

Joomla CMS

If you are looking for a fast, scalable and reliable solution for creating blogs, forums, images and other social networking platforms, then Joomla CMS should be the platform of choice as it offers enhanced SEO capabilities. Joomla Content management features make it easy for developers to create and manage websites at much lower costs than competition. Website administration features of Joomla are divided into five main sections: Content, Appearance, People, Structure, and Configuration. If a user desires he or she can install or expand these sections with more settings.

Joomla CMS Customization

With its vast extensible framework, Joomla CMS customization is a breeze as there is hardly any custom programming required with a Joomla Application. Moreover, Joomla offers over 1800 add-on modules with which users can address their website requirements. But what sets it apart from the rest is the sound publishing infrastructure it offers for publishers to get the message across.

Joomla CMS Development

With a wide range of functionalities on offer Joomla CMS Development is undoubtedly the right choice for web masters who want to manage multiple sites using a single codebase. Webmasters can customize their offerings without having to depend on Dreamweaver or custom HTML. Whether you have a simple or complex theme in mind, Joomla CMS Development will ensure that your ideas see the light of the day. Joomla CMS Migration makes this task easier as it offers well-documented API’s and limitless scalability. On top of this, users do not have to bear any proprietary license cost as the software application is available for free. Contact our STEMDOT Joomla CMS developers in Connecticut to get started.