Responsive Web Design

Winning the RWD Challenge!

Yes, with the expertise of our user experience professionals by your side, you can respond effectively to the responsive web design challenge that is a common road-block being faced by businesses not just in Connecticut, but across the globe. The multiplicity of devices in the market has ensured that web developers now need to create websites and applications that can render effectively on any kind of screen and resolution.

With the capacitive touch screen of the mobile device now doing all the magic of zooming in, zooming out or panning web pages to fit screen size, it is important that websites are constructed in a way that they automatically fit any screen size without much efforts from the user as it adds to a seamless browsing experience making users stay longer on the website and respond to CTA (call-to-action) or jump to the shopping cart section faster with lesser hoops and make impulse purchases.

Our response to the RWD Challenge!

There are certain basic rules that our web design team in CT (Connecticut )sticks to when constructing websites that are most likely to be accessed on mobile devices by professionals on the move.

  • Our experience has shown that the cursor is always in the middle of the user screen and therefore we keep navigation menus for our websites and applications right in the middle so that they can be accessed by smartphones. Users can choose the page of their choice and go straight to it with minimum hoops. Navigation has to be quick and easy, especially in case of education, travel, mobile devices and pharmaceutical products where users want to see products and prices online really quick and fast.
  • Showcase your products in the best possible manner by using lots of white space and minimal design during web development, iOS App development or Android App development. The better the quality of images on your website, the longer users will prefer to stay on your website and refer them to their peer group which will bring just the needed word-of-mouth publicity that is needed to create a buzz about your product/service.
  • Our designers implicitly know one fact clearly that if they give thorough attention and focused hard-work in building a website, users respond back by giving the attention the end product deserves. Customers now demand more for less and with our great-looking designs; they will keep rewarding you with repeat business.

By offering awesome web design and mobile app development in CT (Connecticut), we have the capability to convert your websites into cash generating machines through in-app ads and micropayment gateways that can be indispensable in generating revenues from your website.