Hire Symfony Framework Developers from Stemdot

Our team consists of engineers certified by Sensio Labs, MySQL, Zend, SugarCRM, and Acquia whose expertise helps us to offer precise solutions for your unique business requirements. At STEMDOT, our cross-functional expertise helps us to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients. Our team members undergo extensive training in Symfony, PHP, and My SQL 5 before they are inducted into the team. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of PHP development owing to certain key factors enlisted below:-

  • It has a proven track record of executing complex, large-scale projects as it has Zend Certified Engineers and My SQL Certified developers.
  • It has developed Zend based solutions for healthcare, travel, education, finance, social media and workflow applications.
  • Having a presence in three continents, STEMDOT is the official partner of Zend, MySQL/Sun, and Ingres and is a Drupal Association Member.
  • It has one of the finest PHP Developers in India having in-depth knowledge of the PHP framework that is reflected in its capability and efficiency of service delivery
  • It has many years of experience and expertise in PHP Development. Being an authority in open source solutions, STEMDOT  supports its  clients by offering powerful PHP applications that can enhance the reputation of their online business
  • STEMDOT strictly adheres to standard web development practices to create powerful applications within the stipulated time frame.

Benefit from our unique business model

The unique business model followed by STEMDOT reduces development costs drastically and allows customers to concentrate on their business. Besides this, there are certain intangible benefits which businesses receive once they patronize us for their web application development needs.

  • Affordable and flexible hiring options offered by STEMDOT enable clients to  get PHP applications developed strictly according to their budget and specifications
  • Seamless after-sales service offered by STEMDOT like installation, support and maintenance of custom PHP applications.
  • STEMDOT offers Application Audit services for testing the viability of a PHP application. Application Audits consist of a family of services that include Performance Audit, Security Audit and Architecture Audit which evaluate all aspects of a PHP Application.
  • In the Application Audit phase, a target application or code base is audited against a series of pre-defined benchmarks and a detailed report is offered to users with the audit findings for addressing the issues that have been identified.

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