Software Product Development

Software product development For tomorrow’s leaders

It is an established fact that the future belongs to those who control the delivery of information and communication to end users and the software products we develop have the potential to streamline the delivery of information on the mobile, laptop screens of users and improve the operational efficiency of companies.
Being in the product software business puts a company in a commanding position as it offers them a chance to be a part of the growth story of companies they choose to partner with. Mission critical projects across technology, healthcare, aerospace industries are powered by software products developed by leading specialists who have gone through the rigors of competitive education and have had real-time exposure to complex business challenges that occur on day to day basis.

Software product development for BFSI

This is one of our key areas for growth and we have developed specific products for the banking, financial services and insurance verticals that can help in customer database management, new customer induction, account management, web based ERP development, development of security infrastructure, protection against phishing attacks and many more functionalities are developed as the relationship evolves.

Software development for ICE domains

Information, communication and entertainment are sectors that depend heavily on software products for engaging and connecting with end users. Much of their revenues come from subscriptions and advertising and our software products help in improving the quality of service delivery and in retaining the audience and advertiser base that is critical for success in these sectors in Connecticut.5

Product software development for manufacturing sectors

Automakers, original equipment manufacturers and many other sectors require customized software products for design, modelling, 3D modelling, rapid prototyping and many other requirements which help in testing and designing products at the conceptualizing stage before taking them to the market and mass-producing them.
Our software products have an appealing front end followed by an application layer and another layer that contains the business logic and in some cases where companies cannot afford the high cost of software; we offer a dynamic link library that is uploaded on the net that the customer can use at a reduced cost. Many companies in the developing markets avail licenses use of our software products and it has helped them improve their competitiveness. You too can avail our expertise by hiring resources on a time and material basis or a fixed cost basis.