Logistics: Last mile delivery perfected!

Logistics has a godfather role to play in the success and development of many industries including retail, ecommerce, food processing, construction,   and many other sectors that require raw materials to be procured from remote locations and brought for assembly/processing at one centralized location. From this centralized location, goods are delivered to the respective retail outlets for sale to customers.

Given the importance of this industry, we offer technological, marketing software development and consulting support in CT (Connecticut) to all segments of this industry including sea-freight chartering, multi-modal movements, land transportation, transit cargo transportation, turnkey projects and port services. Each of these segments together contributes to the success of a logistic operation which in turn can decide the fate of an enterprise.

Unmatched expertise

We have seasoned experts on board who can ensure the success of your logistic operation by providing critical inputs that can be significant in creating more efficient processes and more robust delivery mechanisms that can be critical in ensuring timely deliveries and cent percent customer satisfaction. Logistics is essentially a B2B business with low margins and higher volumes wherein the quality of service delivery matters most as it can sound word-of-mouth referrals. Having an impressive fleet of vehicles helps as it can create trust in the minds of customers that you can get the job done.

Real-time tracking!

Entrepreneurs operating in this field in Connecticut often face immense regulatory challenges in moving cargo from one place to another. And with our technological expertise by your side, you can track the movement of vehicles in real time, offer replacement vehicles swiftly in case of breakdowns and keep an eye on the time spent by drivers on route to their destination. With such a macroscopic view of the business in front of their screen, managers can plan for fuel costs, preventive and breakdown maintenance costs and labour costs while making sales pitches for new businesses.

Catapult into the big league

They will be in a better position to spot new markets, gain new clients and explore virgin territories. Similar expertise is offered in air cargo that is to be delivered across geographical boundaries in the minimum possible time and   carries the prospect of highest profit margins and success in this arena can catapult a company in the big league of logistic companies which can be relied upon by multinational companies who need partners with strong networks across land, sea, air and truck in order to make last mile delivery with cent percent accuracy a breeze.