Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism: Win the battle for mindshare with us!

Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and also one of the largest employers. Being a service –oriented business, success in this business is often determined by the size and scale of operation and the headcount coupled with a sound technological backbone that can offer instant solutions to the needs of the customer. Amongst all 4 P’s of marketing, namely product, place, promotion and price, the price mix matters most in the travel business as the level of service varies at every price-point. This market reality is the same everywhere and not just in Connecticut.

Technology for the customer

Higher the disposable incomes of the customer, higher are the chances of getting complimentary upgrades and services. Tourism products are usually package driven and require close co-ordination on part of the travel agent to co-ordinate with hotel, car rental, bus operators, and train networks to offer a seamless experience to users.

And that is where our expertise kicks in as we have access to global distribution systems which enable us to recommend the cheapest non-stop or connecting flights to a destination. Flight comparison with different airlines and comparison between the rack rates offered by various hotels becomes easy with our booking engine that our executives can develop from ground up as they have prior experience in doing so. And they can offer superior app builder services in CT (Connecticut) for small and large travel businesses.

Bookings for Hotels and Airline Consolidators

Most of the booking engines we develop are built using Microsoft’s.NET platform that is fast, robust, scalable and supports more than 44 different technologies. Java is too slow while PHP has security issues, so therefore the reliance on .NET technologies for designing the booking engine. We also help airline consolidators in Connecticut who buy air tickets in bulk from airlines and then sell it to travel agents to confirm advance bookings through our booking engine that is in sync with leading global distribution systems like Worldspan, Galileo, and Amadeus and can plan their purchases in advance. For hotels and car rental companies, we have made the process totally secure and safe as they only need to punch in the name of the customer, last four digits of the credit card number and the card expiry date and the confirmation sms comes from the hotel and hotel voucher can be issued by the travel agent to the customer. Once the payment is received from the customer, even car rental agency is intimated and airport pick-up and drop is confirmed by the car –rental agency.