Custom Software Development

Developing Custom Software that is good for your business

Most individual developers and startups often begin with free or off-the shelf software to fulfill the needs of their business. But as their business scales up they begin to realize that free or of the shelf software cannot be customized to meet their unique business requirements. An example would illustrate this better: Assuming a service oriented company charges different prices for different customers and has no set fees as it prices clients on a case to case basis. So, a standard shopping cart software would be useless to buy. They will need a customized solution where they can send invoices with multiple rate cards, brochures, flyers to customers helping them make the right decision. This is possible only when a company opts for a dedicated resource to customize the software in order to stay in sync with business requirements.

Picking the right technology and people

This is by far the most important part of the process. Most small-time travel agents confess that java is too slow when it comes to running database driven applications and dot net platform is too costly. So that leaves them with the option of choosing a sound open source platform and picking the right set of professionals who can do the job perfectly with thin the constraints of time and money.

As a start up, we lay a great emphasis on selecting the people with the right skill sets and testing them in real-time environments before deploying them on-site for custom software development, ERP development and implementation, software product development. Mobile and web application development work.

Our engineers have also made their mark in wearable technology and have been the first ones to adapt to Google Glass development that is sure to change the face of computing as we know today. As a technology it has been slow to take off but given the fact that billions of people are deprived of the powers and reach of the internet, it is still a good bet for the developing world.

Stemdot’s core competence is in the open source arena and our mastery of open source technologies is sure to help you gain control of your business and grow it in the right direction. Any technology related challenges or roadblocks that occur will be handled by our team of experts thoroughly.

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