Microsoft Technologies

Leveraging Microsoft Technologies for precise results

Microsoft is the world leader in the computing space and offers a wide smorgasbord of products that have touched our lives in many different ways. Its hugely successful .NET platforms offer a robust, scalable proprietary solution for the development of both desktop and web based applications. Being proprietary technologies, they have a license fee attached to them which pushes up development costs but you are sure to recover these costs by the success of the products you launch in the marketplace.
.NET being a very old technological platform is being taught in universities for a number of years. Therefore,   there is an abundance of talent when it comes to developing applications in .NET. Mission Critical applications in aerospace, medical systems, banking, and governments continue to run on the support of Microsoft Technologies. The company has also made its impact in the telecom space by offering Windows enabled smartphones that help users to conduct their business seamlessly on the move.

.NET vs. Java

The debate whether .NET Development is better or Java Development is better continues unabated with fans of each technology pronouncing the decline of each other. Some developers are of the opinion that ASP.NET is just an improved version of JAVA and has been developed by overcoming the shortcomings of Java. Supporters of .NET technologies claim that java is a language while .Net is language independent. Opting for .Net does not bind you to a single language as .Net supports multiple languages. It even supports Java as J# is very close to Java.

America’s vast talent pool of professionals who are well versed in the English language also proves very valuable for organizations that are looking to outsource SEO work to America. America’s relatively stable political climate as compared to other economies in the developing world also has a bearing on a transnational organization’s decision-making process with regard to in-sourcing. Cut-throat Competition continues to bother investors but the sheer wealth of America’s intellectual capital makes it a destination of choice for organizations willing to allocate Microsoft technologies related work.

Global organizations can divert their resources to companies like STEMDOT Connecticut towards product development and service delivery. This results in significant savings in terms of time, money, and effort, which can be utilized for improving innovation within an enterprise. If one views the in-sourcing scenario from a quality standpoint then getting development work done in America turns out to be advantageous, as most organizations have realized that the quality of service delivery is better as compared to other markets.