IBeacon Development

iBeacon Development

iBeacon is a relatively new technology developed by Apple that consists of low power, economical transmitters that can inform nearby iOS7/8 devices. This has been developed keeping in mind the phenomenal popularity of Iphones. Indeed, that is the market reality that IPhone is gaining traction in the market inspire of sustained performance by Android, windows, blackberry as they are priced in the lower bracket and offer awesome memory options.

A typical 128 GB iphone costs a bomb but an IPhone phone comes with 16GB storage and Micros SD Cards can be to increase memory capacity and work productivity. You will never have to delete any contact or number flashing on your screen. Or for that matter any message, video or song clip that you may like. You can carry your whole music collection with you and play it in shuffle mode after a tiring day at work. And this is just one consumer pain point that IPhone addresses. Others being the awesome video layers that help users to catch up on their favourite movies, TV shows, matches by streaming video at speeds that just delight the users.

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For others battery life and display quality or one-handed use may be important and these are areas where IPhone users score over others. Expandable storage is one area, as explained above, where IPhone wins hands down as expandable storage is very costly in blackberry and Windows phones. These phones are more for gaming enthusiasts and IPhone is more for busy professionals on the move that require a QWERTY keyboard and desire a conventional typing keyboard rather than the capacitive touch screens or alpha keyboards that other manufacturers offer for better image browsing and song selection.

IPhone come with light hardware and batteries that do not go off after a few minutes of chatting or browsing. Something that is a problem with other phones and manufacturers have yet to address this issue which irritates users making them search for chargers and charging stations wherever they live, work or play.

This pricing strategy has helped a large number of users across the globe to leapfrog on to the information superhighway called as the internet and leverage phenomenal benefits out of it. Apple IPhone Play is a deliberate strategy to take on Microsoft in the Operating system space where it enjoys a complete monopoly in desktop operating systems. It is also another way to compete with Google.