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Web Development and promotion refers to the process of promoting a website to bring in order to generate a higher traffic for the site. It is a perpetual process which involves numerous activities like content development, search engine optimization, and submission of links in search engines. The central idea behind all web development activities is to increase the frequency of hits on a website. This is achieved by increasing the visibility of a brand through various developmental strategies.

Delivering verifiable results

Our aim is to deliver customized solutions that ensure greater hits and a significant increase in visitor traffic in a short span of time. We constantly strive to achieve top placements for our client’s websites in all major search engines. At STEMDOT, our USP lies in the fact that we deliver verifiable results to our clients in Connecticut through ethical web promotion practices. We do not believe in delivering instant results through black hat SEO practices that ultimately lead to your domain being blacklisted by search engines.

Our execution strategy

Our repertoire of web development and promotion services includes monthly website & SEO maintenance through on-page and off-page optimization techniques like link building, reciprocal link exchange, keyword optimization through SEO copy-writing, blogging, social media optimization etc. Search engines are constantly changing their indexing criteria but by monitoring those changes closely we will ensure that your website ranks high in all search engines. The next challenge is improving marketability of your web site. This is done by expanding the current content in your website. Even though SEO techniques are being applied on your website retaining the look and feel of your website is still our top priority.

Channeling the right traffic

Our proven expertise in channeling relevant traffic to our client’s website helps you generate leads and obtain a significant return on your investments. To convert the incoming traffic into conversions we assist you with the revamp of the design and content of your site so as to elicit a response from the users. Online dating as a genre is gaining considerable traction as professionals spend most of their time on the internet and therefore prefer to find their dream partner online rather than waste time on offline activities. Given the fact that millions of couples have entered into matrimony or healthy relationships by leveraging the internet, you too can create a cash-generating machine by launching an online dating site that can fetch revenues through subscriptions and advertising.