Browser CMS Development

Browser CMS Development

Browser CMS is an open source platform allowing content publishers to rapidly update the content on their websites through the secure content panel assigned to authorized users. It can really add velocity to your marketing campaigns by enabling users to change content by the minute. From a search engine point of view, it is recommended that publishers keep adding some fresh content in the form of news ideas, tweets, posts, images every hour to stay on top in search engine result pages for certain keywords that are synonymous with the products or services offered by the brand.

Our online CMS powered marketing approach provides brand custodians with just the right kind of effectiveness, efficiency and control they would require for their online marketing campaigns. Our experience has shown that marketing communication needs to be effective, efficient and cost-effective. For this to happen, wastage needs to be minimized. Our controlled online marketing machinery ensures that your products reach the target audience and not by-standers.

Keeping content in sync with user intent

At STEMDOT, we are dedicated to consumer -centric communications. Our team is driven by and inspired by the consumer. What it means that our entire marketing and communication strategy is built around the behaviour of our target audience.

We firmly believe that we can drive up the online content consumption frequency amongst our target audience by not just understanding consumer behaviour but also the emotional benefit that drives such behaviour. Understanding the emotional benefit behind any kind of behaviour helps us to gain invaluable insights leading to more profitable campaigns.

Challenging conventional thought processes

Our approach has always been to challenge conventional thinking and offer solutions that are unique, unexpected, surprising, provocative and exciting. Our solutions help you to get talked about amongst your target audience thereby gaining valuable word-of-mouth publicity. By leveraging the expertise of our professionals you can make the most of our consumer and brand insights gained through years of engagement with the audience community.

By using a combination of high design, precise content and awesome user experience powered by Browser CMS application, your online properties enjoy a longer life cycle and a more profitable tenure as we ensure that your brand is reinforced amongst the mindscape of consumers. We recommend the use of flyers, catalogs, brochures to our clients as customers are in habit of flipping through marketing collaterals giving you multiple ad impressions.