Software Security Consulting

Software Security Consulting

STEMDOT provides a set of services to improve software security and resolve quality issues early in the development process to minimize these risks.

Few things can keep an IT project staff on guard like the issue of Security. To ensure all-round security of an application, quite a number of layers require assessment, testing and oversight.
Security vulnerabilities can cause the risk of damage to the corporate brands, regulatory violations and other catastrophic security infringements.

All such fallacies are costly, time-consuming and jeopardize the enterprise’s business continuity.

Source Code Security Audit
Software Penetration Testing
Software Security Training
Software Development Lifecycle Planning
Critical IT Security Consulting Services

STEMDOT is a competent partner in the quest for secure systems through our value-added services. We leverage our knowledge to extend the capabilities of your team in the niche areas. We share:

Extensive expertise with most software products and platforms;
Comprehensive experience in designing and implementing large-scale enterprise and public-facing applications with strict security requirements;
Years of hands-on experience in customization, development, technical writing and documentation services, as well as training.
Domain Knowledge

STEMDOT is a different kind of IT Consultancy in that we offer expertise in technology security across a pivotal set of domains that include:

Operational Security
Internal processes, policies and regulations
Infrastructure Security
Physical, Network and Operating System levels
Application Security
Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process framework
Great Security begins with great Audits

STEMDOT offers a complete line of audit services that cover a diverse range of subject-matter analysis and detailed system reviews. A Security Review highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s security infrastructure, both internally and externally. Detailed analysis of key criteria will document Physical Security, Network Security and Computer Systems Security. Back-up and Disaster Recovery Audits offer assessments on the policies, procedures and plans that organizations have in place to respond to major business interruptions or catastrophes. Industry-specific system analysis offers in-depth examinations of technology systems within an organization’s infrastructure. Finally, anti-virus and anti-spyware assessments, detailed reviews on policies and procedures of virus and spyware management identify external threats and offer plans on keeping your company safe.

Security can be loosely grouped into a mix of IT Project disciplines:

Enterprise Security Management
Accountable IT Management
Risk Management
Security Roles and Duties
Security Policies
IT Security staff training
Security as a development lifecycle
Security that is planned, managed, measured, reviewed and audited

STEMDOT is uniquely qualified to consult and assist organizations of any size by tackling their IT security issues. Our approach consolidates:

Security Technologies
Security Training for IT
Senior Security Advisory

Including security as early as possible in the development lifecycle is the smartest way to develop, deploy, assure and transform your IT projects using best practices in security.