Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails: This is the technology to go for

If you are reading this piece then surely the internet has touched your life in more ways than one. You must surely be looking at creating or serving a niche market in Connecticut for web content development, design, programming or hosting. Whatever is your interest, there is one thing that is for sure that website design is not going out of fashion and the demand for high quality skilled manpower in this field is not going to ebb anytime soon.

Light weight design that works wonders

It’s your reputation that is at stake and therefore, you will not compromise at any cost whether you are a freelancer, business owner or the CMO of any company. Good appealing website design that stays in the minds of users is something that you need to upload and ensure that all constructive feedback is incorporated to ensure that it elicits the right response from users. As a business owner you should know that time and customers wait for no one and they want instant gratification for their thirst of any product or service.

Stay clear of world wide wait factor

In today’s 4G connected world, if users see your website trapped in the world wide wait factor that was the norm at the turn of the century. You should not get so carried away by high-design that you ignore the

loading factor and the fact that all browsers do not function that effectively on all devices. Designing your websites using high end design tools like Ruby on Rails from STEMDOT Connecticut will surely give users a movie-like experience but the real customers who are looking to buy will swing to another website as cash-rich people are starved for time.

They would rather buy from a website that can open easily at any time of the day on any device and ignore any kind of discounts that you may give them to wean them away from another company’s website. You need to ensure that your website ranks high in search engines and that it should contain the right set of popular keywords that define all the traits of the products and services on offer. You need to add tags to images, develop code that is fast, light weight and can offer the right results. Only then can you expect to get the right response for your investment spends in the website design arena.