SAAS Development

SAAS…. unplugged!!!

Small and medium businesses looking at affordable SAAS solutions now have an interesting option in linux that not only proves to be cost-effective but is also free from viruses of any sort. If your business is large and growing and you have to process thousands of emails every day, then you should look at linux web hosting.

Email Management

Emails are now the lifeline of businesses all across the globe and most business transactions are now initiated over emails. In such a scenario, if your business is expanding rapidly and if you want to scale up your business to the extent that it can process millions of emails per day then you should seriously consider web domain hosting on the linux platform. Not only is it relatively free from viruses as compare to proprietary software but it also offers complete peace of mind as well.

Partner with the best

While choosing a partner for your SAAS needs in Connecticut , you need to look at someone like STEMDOT who has the backing of leading companies that ensures you get the desired depth of knowledge, expertise and continuous support so that you can run your business smoothly.

What you can expect 

If you opt for open source SAAS solutions, you not only get 24*7 live support, Dual Core Raid1 Servers, daily server back ups, 99.9% uptime SLA Guarantee. Besides this, you also get domains, sub domains, third level domains, domain aliases and dedicated IP addresses. In addition to this, you also get email forwarding, POP3 access, encryption support via SSL, email aliases and the functionality to handle large mailing lists.

Linux based web hosting also supports various databases like MYSQL5, Post GreSQL 7.4, database users and shopping car customization support. Hosting a website on linux not only offers a cost-effective option but it also helps business owners concentrate more on managing their business rather than worrying about downtime issues.

So, in order to get the best value for your IT spends, it is essential that you research a lot before making a purchase decision and this article will prove to be a big help in this direction. Open Source is the future of computing and as a CTO, if you take the lead in establishing a sound open source platform for the application development needs of your employees then you will have a significant edge over others in the technology business. Always keep in mind that the best purchase decisions happen after a lot of deliberations and careful research and to be the best in business, you have to ensure that your organization works with the best tools in business. Use the web as your best friend and you will always be at the top of the technology trade.