Django CMS

Django CMS

With DJango CMS by your side, the upside is that you will have to invest less in marketing through SEO, SMM and in some cases you will have to concentrate on offline marketing only and the online marketing will be done by the parent organization with the help of specialized agencies. Most franchisors help in brand building efforts as that helps them to get more franchisees in all territories they operate.

Points to note while building websites with DjangoCMS

  • Toll-free number should be displayed in bold relevant to the country of operation.
  • Physical address of the business is important as it engenders trust unless it is an E-commerce store.
  • Payment gateways should be secure, easily navigable, load fast and the check out process should be hassle-free.
  • Ensure that videos render well on the screens of users. With Django CMS functionalities being created by STEMDOT Connecticut you can upload high definition videos that render on the browsers of users within a flash.

Build strong payment gateways

The more choices you give users in terms of payment options, the wider the pool of customers you will be able to access. So your payment gateway should be such that it can accept credit card, debit card, Netbanking, PayPal, cash cards and the option of paying by cash, cheque and wire transfer by sending addresses through email. Remember every customer is different in terms of his circumstances and all customers might not prefer the same payment method.

So you should be open to all. In the pursuit of delivering an outstanding experience to users by offering flash based animations and graphics in your website, you might overlook one important fact that these embedded animations increase the time taken by a page to load and customers do not want to waste a second and might move to the next result in the search query which might be your competitor.

Enhance your SMM efforts with Django CMS

 They say a picture can say a thousand words but a video does more. It has the power to elicit strong reactions from users and change perceptions within seconds. Now you can now fix your online reputation and ensure that your customer set still believes in you by using innovative social media marketing techniques that will help you to connect better with your audiences spread across time zones. There are various ways in which you can connect to your audience base by spreading your message effectively and ensuring that the audience believes every word you say.