Web Portal Development

Web Development: Design and technology perfected!

Web Design and development has acquired prominence in the past two decades as organizations have realized the importance of online advertising. When we undertake web design for any of our domestic or international clients then our main objective is to ensure that the website or landing page should be compelling enough to elicit a response from the users. To achieve a high click through rate, websites should make use of animation, catch-lines and eye catching designs. Animations should be used sparingly as overdoing it will make the banner too distracting for visitors.

Complimenting design with the right copy

Our team of designers ensures that the landing pages are visually appealing having a proportionate mix of colors. The copy-writing team ensures that the wording of the advertisements is in sync with the theme of the advertisement contained in the banner. We take adequate care in wording the advertisements so that they do not appear verbose. Our experience shows that short, crisp messages that address concerns and offer benefits can achieve high click through rates.

Weaving magic through banner advertising

In STEMDOT also use innovative ideas like alert boxes to catch the attention of the users. Banners in landing pages should be changed frequently as research has shown that click through rate for a banner ad drops significantly after a few weeks if not changed. Another important point that should be kept in mind is that landing pages should be quick to download. It is not only annoying for visitors to see something that takes ages to download but it can actually fail to achieve any results for you if the visitor is able to find relevant information and leave the page before your banner has even begun to show up on their screen.

Using the right technology

Picking the right technology that can address the business requirements of clients perfectly requires expertise, integrity and being honest with the customer. We state at the outset, the kind of costs that are going to be incurred by the customer for hosting, design and subsequent search engine marketing that a business needs to undertake in order to appear on the first page of search engines. Customer with lower budgets can opt for a phased approach where they can pay for hosting, development and SEM in a step-by-step as per their available disposable income. As the business grows, so can be the functionalities that are to be embedded within the website.