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The current trends in the web development arena indicate a willingness amongst corporate to shift the base of their web projects to a web development based framework like Symfony. The reasons for this shift can be attributed to the fact that Symfony has the ability to logically organize information and deliver performance under high traffic load.
Symfony specialists even today work for the betterment of Symfony as a development platform and ensure that it acquires top position in the computing space. Symfony developers are few in number and in order to really the best services and full value for money, you need to engage a vendor and sign a service level agreement with them offering them room for small escalation in costs every year but in return you can demand more customization and round the clock support. Highly secure, reliable applications can be built in Symfony and you need to convince your clients about the robustness of this platform when it comes to web, desktop and mobile application development at economical costs.

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Web development in Symfony.
Symfony based product development.
Migration of your legacy application to Symfony based web development Application.
Official SensioLabs Symfony Training.
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The advantage with Symphony is that even lay users can build websites in Symfony with little or no programming knowledge. Just a basic knowledge of HTML would suffice. If you are also running a non-profit or semi-government agency, we can help you propagate your cause and achieve your objectives of connecting with your target audience by using the best mix of open source technologies. We have helped many industries benefit from the power, ease and economy of open source and will help you to do the same and that’s a guarantee.

Being the world leaders in web development technology, STEMDOT has one of the largest dossier of Zend and MySQL Certified Engineers on its payrolls. Our partnership with open source vendors has helped us to deliver Symfony based solutions to a vast variety of clients in travel, education, health care and social media sectors. By leveraging our expertise in the web development domain, you can develop best-of-breed applications as well as customize existing open source applications.
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