Hire PERL developers

Hire PERL developers: Fast track growth in the enterprise

With the onset of the global economic recession in 2008, businesses big or small started looking at their cost structures differently. They desired the same outcome but at lower costs and that made CXO’s look differently at the kind of software they were using to power their businesses. A closer analysis revealed that were cheaper solutions available in the market based on the open source platform that could significantly lower their operating costs without affecting their margins. They would have more cash in the books of account which can be used for business expansion, manpower training, marketing and similar such activities that can grow the businesses.

Perl Development: A brief background!

The open source movement was the brainchild of the Free Software revolution that offered companies a chance to break free from the clutches of proprietary technologies and take charge of their own destinies. This free software revolution depended upon the ‘copy-lefting’ proposition that was quite unlike the copy-right proposition that ruled proprietary technologies. Under this system, anyone was able to make changes to the source code of a software provided he or she was willing to share with the community, the changes made. This movement grew with the support of amateurs and professionals but for mission –critical applications, proprietary technologies were still the norm. All that started to change after 2008 as open source technologies began to take centre-stage.

Modern Applications of PERL technologies

One of the most popular recipients of Perl technologies have been small merchants who have found these technologies very useful for powering their online businesses. It helps them to sell better at a lower cost and that too to a wider audience. CTO’s of companies have found that the possibility of malware in using open source technologies is down to zero and that they prove to be a very cost-effective proposition for companies that have not reached a certain critical mass in terms of revenues. Companies that are still struggling to find their feet in the market have no better option other than open source to run their business and their experience of the whole process has been quite satisfactory.

Software, which has been built from ground up using open source technologies, has the potential to significantly lower marketing and licensing costs. Professionals conversant with PERL technologies are hard to find and this is where you will find our pool of professionals quite handy.